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Yazd Day Tours
Yazd Day Tours
Yazd Day Tours
Yazd Day Tours
Yazd Day Tours

Yazd Driver Guide

Here we are once again to tell you about the city of windcatchers. But this time instead of talking about Yazd’s tourist attractions, we will introduce one of the most sought-after services we offer in the city, namely our transfer services. Those of you who have frequented our websites know well about Iran tours, all-inclusive packages that encompass most major tourist hubs and the adventures that revolve around them. These packages are spectacular since we have included in them everything from meals and accommodation to tour plans and daily itineraries. But for all that, there are still people who like to have a more personal experience by traveling solo and having the freedom to choose their routes, destinations and even accommodation. It is especially for the latter type of travelers that we offer our transfer services. Regular transfer services are lot like cab rides with typical drivers who can barely speak a few words in English. Our services however provide you with good wheels and proficient English-speaking tour guide drivers. One such exemplary service provider is Ali Hosseini, one of the finest Iranian driver guides and an expert on Yazd tours.

Ali Hosseini Yazd Guide

Mr. Hosseini has earned a name for himself as a major Yazd tour guide driver and superb organizer of Yazd city tours, traditional village and desert tours. If you aren’t sure about where to include in your private tour of Yazd, Mr. Hosseini will come up with marvelous suggestions such as Bafgh Desert, Garmeh village, Mesr desert, Chak Chak Fire Temple, Kharanaq village and the desert city of Meybod. If the prospect of finding accommodation or quality meals seems too complicated, you only need to ask Mr. Hosseini. He will find the best options suited to your taste and budget in a jiffy! You need to remember though that these extra services aren’t included on the cost of your transfer service. Here we present the various transfer services provided by Ali Hosseini and their rates in Euro:

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